I am Vaccinated.

Please read through the procedures I am implementing to keep you safe.

My mission is to not contribute a single case to the rising Covid-19 numbers while offering luxury hair services. Thank you so much for understanding.


  • Text me from your car when you arrive.
  • Once I text you to come in, you’ll be greeted at the sanitation station as soon as you enter studio.
  • One person receiving the service at the scheduled time will be allowed in the studio. 
  • Please bring only the essentials e.g. keys, phone and payment. 
  • I am not currently serving beverages.
  • Venmo or Cash app is accepted 

How am I protecting you and our community?

  • I have bleached and sanitized the entire studio before opening.
  • Touch-free soap and paper towel dispenser available in restroom
  • I am Barbicide Certified (hospital grade disinfectant).
  • My station is sanitized between clients.
  • All tools are disinfected and safely stored when not in use and between clients.
  • Every hair product container is sanitized after each use.
  • Face shield worn during services